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Located in York, England,[email protected] BIG BAD WOLF.WORLD is a bicycle shop selling a range of "New","Second hand"and"Reconditioned bikes as well as offering large-scale reapairs and servicing. We're dedicated cyclists ourselves, so we're totally committed to keeping you on the road. Whether it’s a puncture repair, a full-servicing, or you’re simply looking to buy a new model, it’s definitely worth paying one of our bike experts a visit today. Get in touch with us through the Contact Us tab :)


Do you have a bike that requires a full-servicing? Looking to get your bike given the safety once over? Our experienced cycling experts are on hand to offer full-servicing of your bicycle, checking the brakes, wheels, frame and hydraulics for any discrepancies. Getting a full-servicing will offer you the piece of mind that your bicycle is road safe and you will not run into any unexpected hazards while out and about 

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